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Custom Neck Gaiters: Choosing the Perfect Gaiter for Your Brand’s Logo

Choosing the Best Neck Gaiter for Your Needs

If you’re wondering which custom neck gaiter option is best suited to your needs, the best way to determine that is to look at the features included in both of the printed gaiter options that we offer. offers two different neck gaiter options that can be customized with your logo or design. We offer seamed and seamless gaiter printing at discounted prices. Finding the right gaiter for your needs depends on what features are most important to you. 

Our seamless neck gaiters are made by stitching two pieces of rectangular polyester together to form a tube. There is no hem at the top or bottom of the gaiter. This style of gaiter is best suited for printing a single image on both the front and back of the gaiter, or a different image front and back, as these do not allow for a wraparound image. The polyester material offers a two-directional stretch, which results in a comfortable and flexible tube of fabric. These neck gaiters are ideal for giveaways and promotions, and excellent for single-day or weekend events as they are our most cost-effective gaiter option – 100 pieces are available for only $325! If comfort matters, we highly recommend going with the seamed neck gaiters as the fabric is a lot softer and stretchier. 

Our premium seamed neck gaiters are the ideal choice if you are looking for a neck gaiter that’s built for comfort and durability! The milk fiber material stretches in 4 directions for optimal comfort and fit, and since they are hemmed on both top and bottom, for a more complete and professional finish. The seamed gaiters are printed on a large fabric and are stitched together to create a tube. The gaiters are comfortable, washable, and are built to last! You also have the ability to create a wraparound image, so your design flows continuously from front to back. This upgraded, longer-lasting style of neck gaiters is still incredibly reasonably priced, starting at $425 for 100 pieces.

Comparison of Seamless and Seamed Gaiters

FeatureSeamed GaitersSeamless Gaiters
MaterialMilk FiberPolyester
FinishingIncludes hemming top and bottom with visible seamsStitched together to form a tube, includes no hemming
StretchExceptional stretch in four different directionsStandard stretch in two directions
CustomizationWraparound designIdentical front and back

As you can see, offers a variety of customized neck gaiter options and is sure to have a solution that meets your needs! We also offer a wide variety of other face mask products including facemasks, balaclava ski masks, apparel, and more!

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